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AidNation will support hundreds of children around the world each year – but we don’t carry out our mission alone. Partnerships are at the core of everything we do.

Making a difference together

We work with local and international NGOs, governments and academic institutions to ensure everything we do makes a real difference in children’s lives. We also enjoy close links with the private sector – and companies support us in a variety of ways. Businesses of all types participate in fundraising actions, lend us their expertise and sponsor our products and services .

Become part of our business network

The benefits to your company from joining our business network are tangible – you will become part of an active community of entrepreneurs working to improve children’s lives. You will strengthen your company’s social credentials and increase your profile.

And our low-cost policy ensures all funds go to the right place – in support of children living with the effects of violence and armed conflict. Contact us now: contact@aidnation.org


There are many fun ways you can raise money for AidNation – and it’s so easy to get started!

Get involved in our mission

Whether you want to run a race, bake a cake – or even climb mountain, there is  many ways you can get involved. And what’s more, we’re here to help – our dedicated Actions Team is here to support you in your efforts. So there’s no excuse not to start your action! Register your initiative via our website or contact the Actions Team if you want some help to get started.

Fundraise to Help the Children

It is not just contributions that we ask for but you can join AidNation and support us in many ways! As a volunteer, you can help us to support the running of our projects in different countries . Whether it’s through fundraising or marketing, you can help us complete various jobs that are suitable to your skill set.


Help us to have an impact on a person’s life and make a difference to the Children in the third world . We need your help to support those who are less fortunate and in need.

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Your donation is tax deductible in Switzerland.

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