Protection of the children

Children are particularly vulnerable to the effects of war. They are frequently taken from their families, putting them in danger of physical damage, assault, abuse, or sexual exploitation. If children are seriously impacted, they may have long-term physical and psychological consequences. As a result, child safety is at the core of AidNation’s beliefs and actions. When problems arise, we act rapidly to prevent, confront, and respond to child violence, exploitation, abuse, and neglect. Before, during, and after violent conflicts, we engage with children, families, communities, legal services, and local authorities to build more child-centered attitudes and build child protection institutions.

Assistance to humanitarians

Children and families may be in desperate need of food, water, hygiene supplies, shelter, and medical treatment because of war. We give urgent monetary help to individuals all around the world, allowing them to obtain the items and services they need most, based on

Education of the children

For children and their families, keeping children in school during wars and other calamities is a life-saving imperative. That is not simply our opinion: in times of distress, families constantly choose education. They understand that it aids their children’s rehabilitation and long-term well-being by providing a feeling of normalcy in otherwise stressful circumstances.

However, in 35 crisis-affected countries, more than 75 million children and young people (aged 3 to 18) are currently out of school. In addition, education receives less than 2% of worldwide humanitarian aid. Even when children in conflict-affected nations are allowed to attend school, they face significant obstacles, such as overcrowded classrooms, a shortage of instructors and resources, and violence in or near schools.

At AidNation, we believe that defending children’s right to education is a critical component of our crisis response. Education may save and preserve lives by providing physical and emotional safety.

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